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Site design

The Polyploidy Portal uses the MediaWiki software package. The Opinion, Research and Education pages are a community wiki, which means they are open to anybody for editing and additions through the use of a general log in. Please contact us if you prefer a personal log in. The general log in and passoword are:

  • General user name: human
  • Password: diploid

With these, you can edit pages and add additional pages. We have some suggestions for editing these pages. Please follow the existing format. Do not remove existing material, unless you have reason to believe that it is erroneous.

Getting started

Quick Instructions

Entering text

You may want to consult the MediaWiki site for detailed instructions on editing. It is fairly easy, however, to wing it. Here are some brief instructions. To start editing:

  1. Choose the page you want to edit. Click on the Edit link on the left (below Views).
  2. The editing interface will appear. You can type or tape text. Observe the syntax in the existing text and adopt it for your own use.

Adding a link

  1. Select Edit. Again, a complete manual is available on line.
  2. Type: [http://theURL mylink] results in linking the word "mylink" to the URL
  3. For example, to link this portal to the words "Ploidy Changes" you would type [ Ploidy Changes]
  4. Switch to normal view. The result is the following: Ploidy Changes

Starting a new page

  1. The easiest way to do it is to construct a link while editing. Suppose you want to make a new page entitled "Haploid education" from the Polyploidy page:
  2. While in the Education page select Edit
  3. Type: [[Haploid education]] where you want the link to the new page to appear
  4. Switch to normal view
  5. Click on the red link thus selecting the "Haploid education" page
  6. Select Edit and add text. Save. The page is created.

Uploading a document for download

  1. Edit>upload file
  2. Select your .ppt or .pdf or .doc document. In the renaming window give it a simple name, for this example "myfile"
  3. Upload it
  4. Go to the page you want to put the link in. Select edit
  5. Place the following link in the appropriate place [ myfilename]

Adding references

  1. The site uses the extension ProcessCite. Instructions for using this extension are found here.

Editing the sidebar

1.Go to, select edit and modify the links:

example of link: test|I am feeling good

2."Test" defines a new page, while "I am feeling good" will appear in the sidebar. Click on the latter and edit the page "test" if it does not exist already.

Extra links

Results Polyploidy Only

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