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Dosage balance in gene regulation: biological implications

Birchler JA, Riddle NC, Auger DL, Veitia RA.
Division of Biological Sciences, 117 Tucker Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211-7400, USA.

Classical studies in genetics involving aneuploidy and ploidy comparisons and sex-determination mechanisms indicated a balance phenomenon such that changes of individual chromosomal dosage altered the phenotype more dramatically than changes in ploidy. Recent evidence suggests that a major contributor to this balance is the behavior of molecular complexes that function in various regulatory processes affecting gene expression. In this article, we discuss the potential contribution of regulatory balance to the control of quantitative traits, hybrid vigor, genome evolution and post-zygotic speciation mechanisms. [1]

  1. Birchler JA et al. (2005) Dosage balance in gene regulation: biological implications. Trends Genet 21: 219-26 PubMed
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